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The SFJALL Team has travelled around Europe, Africa and North America.  We are made up of adventurers who love to hike, climb, row, run, bike, swim, water-ski, downhill ski, play music, and to find the hidden breweries and wineries of the world.  Our goal is to design a collection which embodies adventure and exploration.

Cyclist wearing SFJALL BWINDI sunglasses covered in rain.
Pair of ZION sunglasses resting on a wooden table in front of a beer tasting tray with 4 beer tasters.

Tailormade Just For You​​

We Created A Collection To Combine Adventure With Style.

SFJALL was created to connect the adventurers of the world with sunglasses made with them in mind. Durable, dependable, polarised and ready to take on any challenge.

Premium Materials​​

Our Acetate sunglasses are handcrafted out of Premium Italian Mazzucchelli 1849 Acetate – a worldwide leader of Cellulose Acetate producing some of the highest quality acetates anywhere around the world. Each temple has a Stainless Steel wire core embedded in it for stiffness and strength. The stainless steel hinges keep things in sync and moving.

Our Titanium sunglasses are cast with high-quality titanium. Ultra-lightweight, super strong, flexible, sophisticated and durable. We wanted to offer sunglasses truly designed for weathering any storm, where titanium is the quintessential material for that task.

Guaranteed Value​​

Each pair of SFJALL sunglasses comes with a one year free replacement on the purchased pair to ensure if you break them in the first year, you still get the value that you deserve out of them. No questions asked. Come on, we've all taken a tumble or forgotten they were in our back pocket at least once..

Positive Impact On The World

SFJALL funds five trees to be planted in Mozambique through our awesome partner SettleUp Earth for every pair purhased. In addition, our sunglasses are totally recyclable. Doing our part to preserve the environment for the future. Read more about our tree planting efforts here.

Fantastic Sunglasses. Stylish And Polished. Tremendous Value.


Let’s be honest. You’re probably wondering why the heck you should buy a pair of SFJALL sunglasses and why you shouldn’t just join the rest of the world and buy from a major international brand. We’ve put together why we would buy a pair from SFJALL.

Recyclable Materials​​

We send our acetate to be recycled into new raw materials that we can reuse to make new frames! All metal from our sunglasses can be totally recycled too.


Each pair of SFJALL Sunglasses is Polarised to keep your eyes happy and healthy.​​

Highly Reviewed

People appreciate the premium quality sunglasses and super customer service.​

Super Customer Service​​

We go above and beyond to make sure you're super satisfied with your purchase. ​​

Stylish as Frick

We don't want to toot our own horn, but we've put together a killer collection.​​

Tried & Tested

The SFJALL Team have tried and tested our sunglasses around the world.​