Replacement Policy

We at SFJALL want to ensure our customers get value out of our sunglasses. We feel confident in the quality of build of our frames and lenses, so we will replace the original sunglasses you purchase within the first year if they break, no questions asked.

This means we will replace the original pair of sunglasses if they break at any point in the first year from the date of purchase. Unfortunately, we can’t feasibly replace the replacement pair in the unlikely event that they break as well.

If you break your original pair of SFJALL sunglasses, fill in the replacement form below so we know to expect the broken pair from you and we can start preparing a replacement pair for sending. You will need to provide us with your name, date of purchase, and order number. Once we receive the sunglasses, we will inspect them to verify they match the pair you are looking to replace and then let you know when we’ve shipped out the new pair for you.

We may send you a questionnaire after replacement which we would appreciate you filling in, but of course there is no obligation to complete it. This information will only be used to improve our sunglass designs to better serve your needs.

Replacement Form