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Woman with a round face wearing a hat.


Sunglasses For A Round Face

A person with a round face has soft, contoured features with a width and height that are roughly equivalent. What sunglasses are best for a round face? The rule of thumb when picking sunglasses for a round face is angular, geometric, rectangular and large frame types which balance the features and bring structure to your soft-featured visage. Check out some options from SFJALL below!

Curious What Face Shape You Have?

Woman wearing large frame sunglasses for a round face.

Designed To Complement Those With A Round Face

Those with a round face should generally avoid round or small sunglasses, as these designs will generally draw attention towards your round facial features, exaggerating your features. The rule of thumb is frame shape should contrast face shape. All sunglasses above will add a complementary contrast to a round face. 

Hand drawing of a woman for sunglasses with a round face shape.

Defining Sunglasses for a Round Face

To reiterate, those with a round face have soft, contoured features with a width and height that are roughly equivalent. Generally, it’s best to pick an angular frame shape for a round face similar to a round frame shape for a square face.

Five different pairs of SFJALL acetate sunglasses folded on a log.

at the end of the day, choose the style you love

You are going to be the person who wears these sunglasses regularly. We invite you to consider which sunglasses will best complement your face shape, but you should find a style that speaks to you and represents who you are. Feel free to check out our Full Collection for more options.

Accessories To Keep your sunglasses safe & clean

How often does a pair of sunglasses get thrown into a back pocket and forgotten about until sitting down for lunch? Keep your sunglasses safe in the SFJALL soft case and clean with the cloth and cloth bag, all included with your purchase. Our cardstock paper customised box is perfect for storing your sunglasses.

Polarised Sunglasses Lenses

All SFJALL sunglasses are polarised to both keep your eyes fresh and healthy as well as adding contrast and clarity to your next step forward. Read more about the importance of polarisation here.

SFJALL Sunglasses Names

Keep inspired for your next adventure

Each pair of SFJALL Sunglasses was named according to a different adventure around the world. Read more about why each pair of our sunglasses has a name here.