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Titanium sunglasses shavings in a pile.


Titanium Sunglasses

Our sunglasses are cast with high-quality titanium. Ultra-lightweight, super strong, flexible, sophisticated and durable. We wanted to offer sunglasses truly designed for weathering any storm, where titanium is the quintessential material for that task. Precision manufacturing, hypoallergenic and polarised.

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Titanium Sunglasses Round Green Lenses

Premium Pure Titanium Sunglasses

Titanium is the best-suited material for premium adventure sunglasses. These sunglasses optimise super-strength, durability and corrosion resistance with a lightweight and flexible frame.

Milling titanium sunglasses

Precision Production

Our titanium frames are produced with tight tolerances to ensure they’re optimised for your face. You push yourself every day and you need sunglasses up to the challenge.

White man wearing round titanium sunglasses looking into the sunset.

Polished & Sophisticated Design

Our sunglasses feature thin temples and elegantly designed frames without compromising structural integrity. These sunglasses are truly designed for weathering any storm.

Of Course, Polarised Sunglasses Lenses

All SFJALL sunglasses are polarised to both keep your eyes fresh and healthy as well as adding contrast clarity to your next step forward. Read more about the importance of polarisation here.

Accessories To Keep your Titanium sunglasses safe & clean

How often does a pair of sunglasses get thrown into a back pocket and forgotten about until sitting down for lunch? Keep your sunglasses safe in the SFJALL soft case and clean with the cloth and cloth bag, all included with your purchase. Our cardstock paper customised box is perfect for storing your sunglasses.

Woman on a cliff wearing titanium sunglasses

Hypoallergenic Material

Titanium frames won’t cause an allergic reaction in sensitive skin. Avoid unnecessary distractions and discomforts to stay focused on the adventure at hand. Our friends over at 20/20 completed a full review about the many material benefits of titanium frames.

SFJALL Sunglasses Names

Keep inspired for your next adventure

Each pair of SFJALL Sunglasses was named according to a different adventure around the world. Read more about why each pair of our sunglasses has a name here.